‘The Violet Flame’ – canvas & paper prints


Energetic meaning : 

As we deepen our spiritual path, step out of illusory constructs, and become self-realised empowered beings, life may present us with more opportunities to grow than before. When we explore our innate healing ability, we may experience our expanding consciousness as deeply blissful and illuminating. These glimpses of higher vibrations can be followed by periods of intensity as we return to ‘normal’. These uncomfortable experiences are shadow elements, unaligned with the higher vibration, dropping away so we can maintain our new frequency.

We can learn to protect and maintain the energy we cultivate in ourselves. Not from fear, but through a healthy awareness of what is ours and what is the energy of others. As we expand our consciousness, our empathy may increase so maintaining energetic sovereignty will allow heartfelt exchanges with healthy boundaries.

Just as we keep our body fit and healthy, it is good to ensure our energy field is free from anything that is no longer serving us.

Being able to kick-start a positive vibration so you can see everything in perspective again, can be the key to flowing through situations that seemed overwhelming or unsurmountable. Work with the violet flame to transmute anything that is not in our highest good into love. It is simple to visualise and a powerful tool that can be used by anyone.


Stretched Canvas Prints

(Small/ Medium/large. sizes below):

Ready to hang, these Stretched Canvas prints come in three sizes and have a very similar effect to an original artworks. see examples on the left (black sides, 3cm deep). Lead-time: 7 working days.


Giclee Paper prints (one size 42x30cm) :

High quality signed paper prints . Reinforced and protected. These are standard A3 size for easy framing.

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