How to ‘Get Out There’ as Creative Person

March 5, 2016


Izzy Ivy

So … I’ve recently have a lot of people hit me up about “how to get out there as an artist / Creative person” So I thought Id share this …

“Just keep doing what you are doing, get known getting out there for what you are doing ! Share all your natural shiny enthusiasm you have for what you love … and after a while people will start to take note, it has been a lesson in patience, but just not giving up will get you everywhere. Dream big and follow your heart over your head but have a dose of realism in there (maybe say 30%). Do as many exhibitions as you can …. and just paint paint paint [or whatever your medium is] ! Also be you and completely you, I have said a lot of ‘Do’s’ but ‘Being’ it and really Embodying what you are about is important too. Enjoy the journey.