‘The Light Code Apothecary’ Oracle Deck

Coming Spring 2024

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The Light Code Apothecary is a tool for self-care of the spirit, mind and body. It includes practical exercises to help you return to your centre, in ways best suited to each specific moment. Even in difficult times, we can face anything with grace and equanimity when we have access to our centre. This oracle guides and supports your connection to your centre, aligning whichever codes of light are most relevant to help you shine brightly again.
This uplifting deck is divided into the sections Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Aether. Each section offers tools for positive change that are relevant to its element: clearings, getting back in your body, shadow integration, expressing feelings, shifting vibrations, as well as activations for self-love in different areas.

This oracle deck invites us to see the incarnated experience for the incredible gift that it is. It inspires a reality where we are wholeheartedly comfortable to reside in our body and mind — even if Earth doesn’t always feel like home. By blissfully inhabiting our body-temple we are reminded that each of us is a stargate to the Golden Age. Merging the spiritual with the physical, we activate our ability to anchor the codes we came to share.
As many of us are waking up and having expanded experiences, we may feel a call to work with galactic and high-frequency energies. However, if we are to connect with these particular realms and dimensions, we must first have the capacity to hold the incredible light and frequency they are a made of. This deck offers the keys to help maintain this frequency, by ensuring the incarnated aspects of yourself are embodied, present and clear.
This enables more ease for bridging the realms and receiving their wisdom and gifts, rather than short-circuiting ourselves or having a more extreme or undulating ride than we need to!

You may have noticed that when your vibration rises to higher levels than it has been
before, life can get especially intense afterwards. This is because anything that is not of this new frequency now has the opportunity to be cleared out. Personal shadows move into the light of day so you can love them back into wholeness and neutralise their charge or any subconscious ways they may be running you. If you can work with—rather than against—these experiences and maintain a bigger-picture notion of what is going on, you will enable a greater power to shift what is ready to be transformed – exponentially expanding your capacity as a vessel of light.

The Light Code Apothecary is a supportive friend who will help you find your divine spark again when you’re feeling lost. An ally in gracefully moving through life’s undulating adventure, as we raise our vibration and transition into the new paradigm. This is a very easy oracle deck to use and can be called on whenever guidance about the present moment is called for. This book can also be read alone as a kind of manual to help with the ‘human experience’!