Personalised Spirit paintings – A channelled blessing captured on canvas

There has always been a channelled element to my paintings, being particularly drawn to capture the energy of places and the unseen especially live at events. I also create these for people – Combining my synthesis of intuitive healing work. Allowing what comes through during a session to be anchored in the physical, for the continuation of this loving light to flow though, by having it up on your wall in your home. I am always blown away with what comes through and they are received!
I can also do house blessings and baby blessings, Great as alter pieces too.

How it works :

I tune in with a distant reiki / my own synthesis of intuitive energy work and immediately paint what comes through. Being in this receptive state as I paint, more visual information unfurls in this intuitive flow.

You can let me know if there are specific areas you would like to focus on, (i.e. – emotional, physical, spiritual) or to intuitively flow with the simple intention of  visual medicine for your ‘highest good’ / what s most beneficial right now.

I then send you the painting in the mail.


If you would like me to create this for you, Please contact me here with the following :

  • A photograph of yourself or a link to a page/eg fb insta where I can find an image of you.
  • Some words on what you would like the intention of the painting to be – optional.
  • The address you would like to have the piece mailed
  • Your Paypal email. (no problem if you don’t have this).
  • The name and artist of your favourite song (right now or in general) – optional.

Sizes and Prices

REGULAR SIZE – 40x40cm or 30x50cm

MEDIUM – 50x50cm  or 40x60cm

LARGE – 60x60cm 0r 60x90cm

REGULAR SIZE – USD$235  /  AUD$379    / £189

MEDIUM – USD$285   /   AUD$459     / £229

LARGE – USD$335  /   AUD$539      / £269

Postage costs :

USA, Canada, South America

REG : US$20 / MED : US$25 / LARGE : US$30

Australia, NZ, Asia

REG : AUD$20 /MED : AUD$25 /LARGE : AUD$30

England and Europe

REG : GB£12 /MED : GB£15 / LARGE : GB£18

More info:

With a 13 year reiki journey, plus exploring Magnified Healing, EMF Balancing and Theta Healing. Ive been feeling spirit tapping me on the shoulder to start a deepening of of this energy work, but with my own take – expressing it in my own language – through my art work.

I have always been synesthesic, experiencing information and concepts as colour and shape, This visual interpretation is perfect for explaining the non physical such as energy .

Live Painting at Conscious Events

I also capture energy at events, channeling the energy on canvas. Creating Paintings from start to finish during ceremony and live music.

I have live painted (often on stage) at a wide array of festivals, At Weddings capturing the feeling of ceremony, I have also created a visual depiction of healing modalities and also the essence of ethical businesses for an intention-aligned  logo. I have captured peoples guides or multidimensional forms and painted at Sacred sites across the planet to see what comes through…