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‘Celestial Tree of the Infinite Akash’

2019   …    100x50cm   …    Oil on Canvas

Gallery Price : US$2700

Energetic meaning : This piece is connected to the element of Earth, our sacred mother. With the profound connection with our roots connected to Gaia, our beautiful bodies and our sovereign centre, this allows us to reach higher in to the etheric cosmos.

This sacred tree exists across all timeline, realities and dimensions and is our portal to the infinite aspect of ourselves.  Its branches reaching to the heaven and with its roots in the earth realm whist long tendrils comprised of glowing iridescent chains.

Each link containing the elements of existence, comprising all the poignant experiences one could have in a lifetime. The akashic records relate to a living library of everything that ever is and ever was. In my vision with this tree I was able to remove a chain-link that was no longer serving my highest good, a moment in time that I was ready to let go of in a loving way. As I looked up to the kaleidoscopic-rainbow embellished cathedral-like space inside the tree, I realise this was my personal tree of all the lives I had and will live. Yet sensed the oneness that I was the universe staring back at its self though the eyes of existence.

‘Phoenix of the White Fire’

2019   …    100x50cm   …    Oil on Canvas

Gallery Price : US$2700

Energetic Meaning : Phoenix of the white fire is a powerful energy clearing tool, cutting though anything which is not of the highest frequency, releasing density and give it the opportunity to find wholeness.The White fire is a silky iridescent cool white fire, similar to the violet flame but you can imagine it all around you permeating every cell, atom or field of energy. This elemental guardian is great to call on when you feel you are seeking protection, where as the notion of  feeling of needing to protect ones self can come from a fear paradigm and creating a barrier which isn’t always useful especially when you are holding space for others. however by emanating this powerful, yet semi-permeable high-frequency field means anything that comes in contact with it that is not of this vibration will be repelled or brought back in to light.

‘Dimensional Shifts of the Crystaline’

2019   …    100x50cm   …    Oil on Canvas

Gallery Price : US$2700

Energetic Meaning : This painting represents the element of air, it is the transmission of information, wishes and sending prayers out to the universe. This transmission emphasises  balance of solid and etheric, yin and yang, masculine and feminine  harmonised. The is a frequency for manifesting projects dreams and  visions in to reality. There are the structure elements, the linear masculine forward direction for the actioning in place but there is also enough speciousness for the butterflies, opportunities and openness to flow though. When we choose to be proactive in the reality we wish to see there is the idea of ‘so above as below’, the grounded action equality with the ideas and inspiration.

The platonic solids also express the multidimensional aspects of our reality and speak of evolution and expansion. When balance reigns (and by masculine and feminine we are simply talking about the energies) then this is where we can move forward as the coalescence of of duality and ascension are closely related.

‘Naga of the Golden Lotus’

2019   …    100x50cm   …    Oil on Canvas

Gallery Price : US$2700

Energetic meaning : This piece is connected to the element of water, the flow-state, dance, the emotions, and the notion of still waters running deep, deeply feminine, It connects with blood and of our bloodlines and ancestors especially on or mothers side, The transmission of this piece is a DNA activation, bringing us back to our birth right of wholeness, it inspires us back to the remembering of Shambala, Lemuria or Eden as it has been known and what it was like before the tampering of our DNA and how greater perception of this existence we will be able to access, reality as we know is just the tip of the iceberg, in our wholeness we can see beyond the illusion, as our capacity to fathom in much more of a multi dimensional is available to us that is beyond the mind. as we imagine immersing ourselves in this visions we hold the frequency for the evolution of our DNA.

‘Illumination of the Great Central Sun’

2019   …    80x40cm   …    Oil on Canvas

Gallery Price : US$2,222

Energetic meaning : This piece is all about the great central sun, the sun in the centre of our beings (our heart-solar plexus), and the sun in the centre of our planet (imagine it as a over laying dimension higher that we can currently fathom). It is about connecting to the highest light and the incredible energy within the earth. It is the galactic macrocosm and our own portal to connection to this through our inner microcosm. It is gentile but exponentially powerful. It is the return of the Golden  Ones as we raise our vibrations, following the simple pursuit of truth and all its illusory layers,  unlocking our heart’s over-flow (instead of obligation) and Remembering in our universal coalescence. Inspiring Gaia to bloom in to the the next epoch with grace and bliss.

‘Full Spectrum’

2018   …    100x50cm   …    Oil on Canvas

Gallery Price : US$2700

Energetic meaning : Creating heaven on earth by honouring the perfection of nature’s cycles, going beyond the judgement of good and bad, the merging of duality, raw nature, earth wisdom, connecting to our ancestors, overcoming shadows as the fertile soil for exponential growth, the way forward is in the whisperings of the land, honouring the full spectrum of life.

‘Lemuria Dreaming’

2019   …    125x80cm   …    Oil on Canvas

Gallery Price : US$3700

Energetic meaning : Tend to your garden and the knowledge of the multi dimensional universe awaits. This piece is inspired from experiencing the power of Mother Nature move through us to heal and nurture when we chose to invite her all knowing embrace. Witnessing the organic yet cosmic connection and watching the petals of our chakras unfold, while our spirit guides gather in the guise of Butterfly blessings. The planets of our solar system draw near with baited breath to see if their Earthy sister has the capacity to inspire alternative ways in which certain beings on her can thrive. More real and sustainable methods of energy renewal which starts with the individual. I have always had a deep connection with the Lemurians,  the ancestors of our ancestors, the bridgers of the physical and non physical, the key holders of the ancient future to inspire a graceful shift, a remembering that we can do it differently this time around …

‘Harmonic Flight’

2017   …    45x60cm   …    Oil on Wood

Gallery Price : US$

Seeing the Divine in the eyes of another, relationships with deep bonds, karmic connection, clearing illusory projections, life-changing connection, transmuting dissonance, removing heart armour, being ‘seen’, teamwork.

‘Visions of Atlantis’  

50x60cm … Oil on Canvas  (2016)

Gallery Price : US$1111

Energetic meaning : Growth, overcoming challenges, gracefully riding the waves of life, expanding out of a problem, flourishing in the face of change, thriving in new environments, being unperturbed by the crashing waves of life.

‘Wings of Devotion’  

45x60cm … Oil on Canvas  (2019)

Gallery Price : US$1111

Energetic meaning : Channelled as a live painting during four days of live high vibrational Kirtan music at Bhakti Fest.

‘Inner Aurora’  (2018)

50x65cm   …    Acrylic on Canvas

Gallery Price : US$777

Energetic meaning : Channeled during my ‘Anchoring Light’ Class in Alaska