Oil Paintings – Featured in both ‘Beyond Lemuria’ Oracle and ‘Unveiling the Golden Age’ Tarot. 

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‘The Overflow’

Oil on Wood (Framed)

US $5,555

The being in this painting has many hands and yet still, the water is allowed to fall through her fingers. It blesses her in the moments it touches her radiant skin and then continues on its journey. Her heart is also overflowing, with love.

Her eyes are filled with tears. She allows what comes through to move her, without control. She gracefully allows whatever she is feeling to be expressed and as she does so, she radiates so much light into the word.

Themes: Allowing for flow, receptivity, the path of least resistance, purity, clearing away that which no longer serves, emotion.

This image is a part of the ‘Beyond Lemuria’ Oracle deck.

‘Solerus Sublime’

Oil on Wood  (Framed)

US $5,555

We live in a dualistic world of light and dark, yin and yang, masculine and feminine. Focusing only on light can repress our shadows. Bringing both sides into balance, and being real with our humanness, allows us to reach more joy, authenticity and depth. By accepting and loving all of ourselves as we truly are, we can extend more of this love and have deeper compassion with others.

This painting portrays the balanced dance of creation. The greater the distance of separation, of duality, the greater the density.

 As the dragons come together, they dissolve into one with all that is. In this place of coalescence, the fusion brings both sides together in oneness, not just as a remerging with the universe, but in an alchemical process of becoming the empowered Creator Force we ourselves truly are.

Themes: Passion, motivation, destruction, power, illumination, determination, inner light, forging forward, transformation.

This image is a part of the ‘Beyond Lemuria’ Oracle deck.

‘Full Spectrum’

2018   …    100x50cm   …    Oil on Canvas

Gallery Price : US$2,400

Creating heaven on earth by honoring the perfection of nature’s cycles, going beyond the judgement of good and bad, the merging of duality, raw nature, earth wisdom, connecting to our ancestors, overcoming shadows as the fertile soil for exponential growth, the way forward is in the whisperings of the land, celebrating the full spectrum of life.

As we honor what it has taken to gets to who we are today, through challenges, breakthroughs and meeting our edges, we see the blossoms of our evolution flourish from the foundations up to the highest realms of the heavens.

This image is a part of the ‘Beyond Lemuria’ Oracle deck.

‘Windows of Perception’

2019   …    90x45cm   …    Oil on Canvas

Gallery Price : US$1,400

This piece is about shifting perception to the ‘Witness’ The different angles of viewing the many facets of one’s self, one’s life, including projected and actual realities. It is a reminder to get out of our minds and see the wider representation of the limitless infinite ways of being and what we have access to.

‘Lemuria Dreaming’

2019   …    125x80cm   …    Oil on Canvas

Gallery Price : US$2700

“Tend to your garden and the knowledge of the multi dimensional universe awaits. This piece is inspired from experiencing the power of Mother Nature move through us to heal and nurture when we chose to invite her all knowing embrace. Witnessing the organic yet cosmic connection and watching the petals of our chakras unfold, while our spirit guides gather in the guise of Butterfly blessings.

The planets of our solar system draw near with baited breath to see if their Earthy sister has the capacity to inspire alternative ways in which certain beings on her can thrive. More real and sustainable methods of energy renewal which starts with the individual. I have always had a deep connection with the Lemurians,  the ancestors of our ancestors, the bridgers of the physical and non physical, the key holders of the ancient future to inspire a graceful shift, a remembering that we can do it differently this time around …”

I painted this image in the Amazon, it was a lifelong dream to visit these special lands, since I was tiny I had strangely been talking of this place. People asked me what my purpose for going there was, I shared how I wanted to channel the energy of the rainforest.

This image is a part of ‘Unveiling the Golden Age’ Oracle and Tarot Cards.

‘So as Above as Below’

2019   …    120x60cm   …    Oil on Canvas

Gallery Price : US$1,500

This image was also painted in the amazon, The guardian that came through inspired the honoring of both the physical and the non-physical, expressing the importance of both.

The mud, the flowers, the physical naked body, combined with the spirit guide, and more cosmic other-worldly elements. The chakra colors that emanate from the spirit guide are represented in the flowers of the rainforest that the human form is surrounded by. A rainbow serpent interweaves the two words. The glyphs on the side, in glowing blue look like light language, yet in earthy tones they look like indigenous symbols … This is the blending of two worlds, with the message that when we are connected to both, we can really flourish. The name ‘So above as below’ comes from the realms of magic-making, setting out our prayers and desires in motion to the universe through intention and ritual, but also doing what it takes in the physical to tend the metaphorical soil, for the most optimum actualization of its manifestation. 

This image is a part of ‘Unveiling the Golden Age’ Oracle and Tarot Cards.

‘ Creative Life Force ‘

2022   …     24 x 18 inches   …    Oil on Canvas

Gallery Price : US$950

High Tier Collectors Pieces

Large detailed Oil paintings available soon. Please inquire for more details. USD 4,500 -> 8,000

Series Sets

‘Elemental Fundamentals’ >

5 Separate tall thin Oil Paintings with chunky sides.

80 x 140 cm / 32 x 55 inch when displayed together

A key image in ‘The Light Code Apothecary’ Oracle Cards

USD $3,700

Connect with the Seven flames in the form of dragons, each one depicting and harnessing the energies of nature.

You can find out more about the meaning Meaning of each dragon here.

Each one is 30 x 10 inches (thickness 4cm deep).

USD $1200 each, (Worldwide shipping is $80 or free if you purchase more than one dragon)

Listed Jan 10, 2024. Currently available:  Fire, Water, Lava, Plasma, Crystal

These will be part of the ‘Galactic Earth’ Oracle Cards.