‘Light Language’ – canvas & paper prints


Key Themes:  Love language, telepathy, unique ways of communication, light language, multidimensional information, community coexistence, relationships, meeting our higher selves, really ‘seeing’ someone, deeper listening. It also connects to the idea of galactic healing for the earth and of being an Earth guardian ushering Gaia in to the next epoch.

We normally think of information as something that can be written or spoken, however if it is of a multi-dimensional nature, this is almost impossible to be shared unless it is through metaphors or song. Often this can only hint at its vastness but it is more like a reminder, encouraging a stirring deep inside the listener.

People often ask what these codes are in my paintings. The best way I can describe it is getting them to imagine a whole library’s worth of information imbued in each single letter, then combining a whole sentence of this code language. Just imagine the vastness of this and what multi-dimensional worlds can be shared, portals to the edges of our conceivable realities.

Original Painting : AVAILABLE  (in Australia)


Stretched Canvas Prints

(Small/ Medium/large. sizes below):

Ready to hang, these Stretched Canvas prints come in three sizes and have a very similar effect to an original artworks. see examples on the left (black sides, 3cm deep). Lead-time: 7 working days.


Giclee Paper prints (one size 42x30cm) :

High quality signed paper prints . Reinforced and protected. These are standard A3 size for easy framing.

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