Im please to announce that I am now teaching an online incarnation of ‘Anchoring Light Art’ a unique painting class that I’ve been touring around the planet.

It’s called Global Anchoring Light because no matter where you are in the world you can be a part of the magic and learn all my skills and tips on light and capturing energies and codes.

It’s spread over 2.5 weekends allowing for integration and practice to unfurl to its greatest capacity, still in a group container but allowing best flow with your personal schedule.


The next online class is : June 2023

UK/Europe Time zone

Americas Time Zone

Australia/Asia / NZ Time Zone



Have you ever wanted to learn to paint light and magic ? Harness your channel abilities with this two day intentional painting journey …

In this class, we’ll be fusing ancient/traditional art techniques with magic, while weaving together this reality with the higher realms.
I will be sharing the secrets and revelations of my own creative (and spiritual) discoveries with tips and tricks that are easily accessible for all ability levels.
Through deep guided journeys, we’ll discover the unique power symbols we each hold within, and unlock more of who we are as artists and healers.
We’ll anchor this process as we traverse these inner realms on canvas. Seeding an empowered new chapter of your creative journey, with an array of new technical skills.
This journey will be a coalescence of painting technique, reiki, guided journeying and ancient symbol magic, Honoring life-force energy, light and shadow work with its roots in ceremony. …’The easel is your Altar.’
No prior painting experience necessary but also caters for the established artist.
Lots of techniques, secrets and tips for painting light emanation, transparency, shine and iridescence. Intentions to creative limiting blocks, magic and mastery for strengthening our channels as a healer through our art. We create a full painting in the duration of the workshop.

More about the workshop HERE

The classes are on the weekend and  time zones are aligned to USA, Australia and Asia, however if you are  in Europe and its too late at night there is another option, simply contact me.


Total Price:
5 sessions of tuition including mediations to get your mind out the way and magical tools to empower your creative practice.
Detailed information on materials and a huge array of information on techniques.
You would create a completed magical painting whist taking the the theme of healing-art to the next level.
Please note there would be a list of materials to acquire for the workshop. Email will be provided with what you would need.


The classes are globally available for wherever you are in the world, however there are two time zone options that I share classes in:

UK/Europe and USA.  Set up over 2.5 weekends, you can get a sense of the timing here :

USA Time Zone Option : California 4pm (please convert accordingly to your country’s time)

Sat  4pm  (*1hr) + 2 hr practical

Sun 4pm (*1hr)+ 3 hr practical

Sat 4pm (*1 hr) + 3 hr practical

Sat 4pm (*1 hr) + 4hr practical

Sat 4pm  (*1 hr) + 40 min meditation

or …

USA Time Zone Option : UK 10am (please convert accordingly to your country’s time)

Sat  10am  (*1hr) + 2 hr practical

Sun 10am (*1hr)+ 3 hr practical

Sat 10am (*1 hr) + 3 hr practical

Sat 10am (*1 hr) + 4hr practical

Sat 10am  (*1 hr) + 40 min meditation

Extra videos :

40 min (sent two weeks before to watch in your own time before getting materials).

*=There is only one hour at the beginning of the session where we will all be online together, then the demonstrations, meditations and guidance will be in recorded segments for you to do in the time that most suits you, ideally directly after our group zoom but can also be the next day if its a Saturday or during the week if its a Sunday.

The group zooms are at the start of each session will also enable us to share what has been created in terms of the paintings that are being created and also the personal processes, this is done as a group (max 12), and builds the group connection creating the container and anchoring light across the light web we are weaving across the globe together.