Further emerging from polarisation and the galactic circle of life 

This essay was created as a means to accessibly share some information,  I have noticed the way it is being presented is paradoxically amplifying the very thing it intends to disarm, Fear and the paradigm of good and evil. So here goes ..!

As many of us as we wake up and are doing the shadow work that accompanies this growth, we have awareness of the importance of realizing we are made up of components of dark and light, day and night, what we love and what we don’t love. We have discovered that when we embrace and allow what we have feared or felt shame around and it gets brought in to the light of day, we can deeply heal, free ourselves from self-imposed patterns and in essence accelerate our evolution. By ‘going there’ (with help) and moving through challenge, we reap the internal rewards.

We also may have learned that in the past when we threw parts of ourself that are unloved in the trash,  we are also simultaneously throwing those parts that are also our super powers, the flip side of the coin in the trash.

As we step out of the paradigm of blaming something outside of ourself and allow ourselves to wallow in victim mentality then we further drain and disempower ourselves.

We see the benefit of working through the trauma-triggers that may constantly be sabotaging us, giving space to our true majestic potential as incredible beings who can be the blueprint of the reality we would love to see.

We are aware that it is an old paradigm to devide ourselves (and our inner circle) to the notion of ‘them and us.’ Those who do not have the same belief systems, skin color, class structure, whatever, as bad and ours as ‘good.’ yet when you step in to all the shoes of these individuals we all essentially want the same things and are trying to do the best with what we have going on in those moments and its societal norms that create this devide, ‘us verses them’.

The notion of ‘good over evil’ is a theme that has been present through history as dogma in religion and is a construct that uses shame to coerce. Really what we are looking at are ‘we want to cultivate/prefer’ verses ‘what we seek to avoid/destroy’. As we venture on our journey of shadow integration or ‘do the work’ we start to realize that sometimes the thing we ‘avoid’ are the very things we need to be present with in order to transmute them allowing us to be a much nicer, kinder (more ‘good’ if we are using that terminology) though from a place of navigating ones true inner ethics and empathy. It can be shocking to see what monsters even our loved ones can become when they are triggered by unresolved trauma (the paradox being that it is often too ‘shameful/bad’ to be dealt with).

Thankfully this shadow integration is starting to happen so greater amounts of loving life-force can move through us all.

It is particularly harrowing right now to see how at such time of crisis on the planet that even though we are waking up and have evolved past many of the traditional paradigms, they there is such devide…

As many of us are emerging in to new stages of awakening we start to expand our awareness that we may not be the only ones in the universe, that there are many multi-dimensional overlays present beyond simply 3D. With this awareness is that we may not be the most intelligent form of life, even that we are, let’s say, not at the top of the ‘food chain’ as we thought we were.

Similarly to the way our ancestors understood simplified ways of how they saw the world, as our ability to gather more information has given us a wider view of what is going on an other layer or two wider, so too are things being revealed. ie – we don’t know what we don’t know.

Now expand this perception several times larger as we continue to discover more truths and we realize there is plenty out there that is just simply unfathomable to our little human brain at this moment in time, though some of us are starting to bust through these layers, through being able to increase the energy they can contain within their bodies.

You could call it raising your vibration (note ‘shadow integration’ mentioned above is a part of ones personal inner work to help maintain this ability).

As we are reaching new levels of awareness collectively, it’s quite curious and amazing to witness people all around the world receiving very similar codes and information, downloads and being shown things that all seemed to have shared consensus.

Something to note here as to those who have not experienced these incredible moments or when ones vibration is significantly lowered their ability to fathom this is exponentially reduced, to the point that there is no way it can be possible as they are only able to access to 3D logic and the glass ceiling of the human mind.

“The more you know, the less you realize you know “ is pretty apt here.

With this in mind and the awareness of shadow integration, it is intriguing how the term ‘good over evil’ has been brought back in to the collective especially amongst those who have been awoke for some time.

This has been very curious to me, as in my understanding of the way things work with the macro and micro are interconnected, the particles of atoms reflect the planets in the greater universe, the toroid effect in the way energy moves is represented in everything. So for something to be as fundamental as dualism, (two forces that make up our universe and are essentially inseparable or at least bring disharmony when they are out of balance), how can it be the case for an individual to navigate their own inner universe of dark and light yet it not relate to the macro of the greater universe and the beings that exist here?

Right now if there was ever a time of needing to have all our faculties, to be empowered and not be in a blame-game of finding a ‘scape goat’ to load forces we find challenging on, we need to cultivate a mind-set of resilience not victimization.

Evil is an unknown thing, it is something so outside of our selves, (experiments have shown it is easier to be ok with harming to something when it has the name Evil attached to it).

This ‘Other’ is mysterious , it is shrouded in shadow as the very nature of it means we don’t understand it, and thus it has power over us.

How often have you experienced pure evil? When you think about the person that you think is evil, peel back the layers were they reliving trauma and lashing out in the only way they knew how? Or did they hit a tender point of you which was connected to your own trauma and it felt like they did the worst thing in the world but when out of the trigger space realized it was mostly all a story you were acting out creating your own illusion?

First off its good to question this, put yourself in their shoes.

Perhaps they are literally pure evil?

Have any of you actually witnessed a being like that ? Like really, or do you have an array of movies playing out (Hollywood loves a good Good verses Evil story line). Maybe you have an idea of it, but is it more a dark mysterious phenomena and because it is unknown and shadowy it is very scary?

These are just questions to help with double checking your self on discernment.

I want to bring another component in to this topic, what is socially accepted and what is not. This relates to what is culturally ok and what is not this can also play in to the story of what is good and evil, especially when there are lives at stake.

Now expand you awareness, if you will, return to the possibility that we are not the most intelligent beings in the galaxy, and that most of the others we share it with may very well not exist within the same dimension as humans.

Also consider that we are not the most intelligent.

Consider what paradise looks like to you, the natural lands where everything is in harmony, beautiful flowing waterfalls, flowers, big trees, lush forests … and know that this beauty happens because of the circle of life.

All the life that excises has a cycle, which includes living and dying, eating or being eaten. Which when you look at it can sometimes be quite harsh.

There are a lot of different sources right now sharing that there are evil forces that are essentially bringing darkness to the planet, that there are being who do not have empathy and are apparently psychotic in nature trying to keeping humanity in a matrix and siphoning their energy. As people are walking up and starting to set them selves free, thus these forces are doing what they can to ensure a stronghold on this and more forcefully. I am very aware of taking on information of this nature, however having direct experience of these forces, I cannot deny it.

For some time it created a dichotomy within myself because of my heart-felt inner standing around duality. I knew the importance of not creating a good v bad paradigm because of how disempowering (and old world) it is. The times I had gone down this rabbit hole in the past usually  lead me to feel like I wanted to give up and extinguish my light, so I could see how detrimental this mindset had the potential to be.

I also understand the reason for this information to be given in an alarmist way is to wake people up by shaking them, but I can see how disenchanted those that have landed here feel about the state of the world.

And while there are some very significant thing that do need to transform (for example what has happened in just the last 80 years !), these are times to be energised and in our full power capacity of what we came here to do.

Yet how can we be a bright force of transformation when we feel like that ?

Then I received the download, it was to expand our awareness a few notches wider still, beyond this notion, and remove the mysterious dark cloak once again from the shadow. I received a curious analogy …

Let’s return to the image of nature and our beautiful untouched forests and the cycle of life. What also happens here is that some things eat other things and some even have quite twisted and extraordinary ways of doing this, however we generally don’t call them ‘Evil,’ we see it as them seeking to continue the existence of their species.

Further more, it might be the destiny of the bug to get eaten by the bird but it would have also evolved with ways to help avoid this.

Now imagine we are not at the top of the food chain like we think we are, and that although our perception shows us life is as normal, sometimes we feel drained for no reason, wake up exhausted with stressful dreams or mysterious programs that seem to keep stoping us from being the empowered beings we seek to be. This ‘evil’ energy siphoning  happens on a multidimensional level that often goes unnoticed (well, we definitely feel it, but there are usually things we can consume or distract ourselves with to temporarily ‘fix it.’)

Curiously consider just as we may without too much remorse kill, for example an ant infestation without any thought, could this be seen as an unempathic, psychopathic act? Imagine there is the juxtaposition of difference between these ants and humans, and these highly intellect extra terrestrials and the tiny ‘dumb humans…’

Or better still, imagine a chicken farm, yay nice roasted chicken for delicious Sunday lunch. Well, the means that gets them to your plate might also be considered just as evil can you imagine if we compared what we do to baby lambs with humans, that would for sure be evil… And yet, even after being vegan for many years and introducing some animal products I am aware many humans seem to do well by eating meat. this is not an argument about eating meat verses not eating it, I know many humans function most adequately with some of this protein in their diet, some would argue it is the way we are made. What I am saying is that it is culturally ok’ to do this. Despite what the other chickens think (‘dumb chickens’).

I am using it as an analogy to juxtapose it next to what beings who think they are above us (potentially in intelligence and size) and that they assume the rights to do this, whether we like it or not, because this is their ‘food’ and it is what nourishes them.

Now imagine if you will, a chicken coup, a synthetic environment, though because many of these beings were born directly in to the chicken farm they can’t fathom anything else outside of this. They get fed twice a day, they have a ‘home’, there are other chickens around them living out a similar life. It could also seem quite normal, but this synthesized reality is ‘comfortable ble’ (even though the little bit of an unspoken feeling of dying inside, is just how it is). Maybe it is a free range farm and they get to hang out on a nice patch of grass every day, but every night back in the cage. Why would you want to escape? They have been bread for this reality, genetically reared to produce the best meat with all the assets that go towards being harvested in the most effective way…

You may have heard of people saying the term ‘escape the matrix, or that ‘there are synthetic forces that altered human DNA, this is not hugely different to the chicken coup and its goings on. Yet we can actually choose just though our consciousness and consent as to whether we wish to stay in the chicken coup or not. And that starts with us.

Daunting yes, but not quite as scary as the above phenomena has been made to sound. Though for sure one to be avoided, we might not be at the top of the food chain but we can certainly evolve ourselves to have defense, and that starts with awareness. But not fear. Because you see, these beings like to consume intense emotion especially fear and anger and all the by-products of us not doing our duality integration homework.

So now is the time to cultivate awareness of your energy, this is not a time for apathy, but nor is it to be a fighter as war simply plays in to the old paradigm that is the opposite of loving life-force. Instead to be an empowered warrior with a resilient energy field through doing internal work. Find and maintain a clear energy field through doing strengthening practice, learn to recognize what it feels like to be energetically drained, expand your awareness to the multidimensional realms and have an array of tools handy to bring you back to your center if you do ever feel like you could be particularly tasty in that moment! Also know that these beings are usually not physical, they access through your mind, so remember to get back in to your body, trust your inner guidance and have discernment about listening to what is going on in your head. If something doesn’t feel quite right, recognize this feeling and utilize a tool in this moment to fully reside in your body. Presence is everything.