How to Live off Doing what you Love

March 7, 2016


Izzy Ivy

I am meeting so many creative, talented creatures on my recent journeys, who are inspired to make the ‘Leap of Faith’ but somewhat unsure how to go about it. feeling it is more a state of mind or way of being, I have since been prompted to crytalise my own beliefs on this adventure…

“After much (sometimes uncomfortable) personal exploration, alongside my fascinations with manifestation and also my research in to entrepreneurial qualities and success – I have a simple (possibly controversial) concept which I find helps me keep on track with following my passions, so here it goes :

When manifesting something, it will generally always take the path of least resistance…

Regarding choosing the means for this energy we call money to flow to us in our desired way, we need to move the more obvious Paths – or ‘tubes’ – out of the way.

For example if you have a 9-5 job – this will be your obvious delivery tube … however If you set up alternative ‘tubes’ in place that are much more in alignment with how you would like to spend your time, then it is these that will be your mode of acquisition.

The key though is letting go of the obvious ones – which do not serve you – the logical ones – the ones your mind freaks out about when you consider quitting them …

The preferred tubes may be more convoluted – however – because they are the only ones in place – these are new the path of least resistance.

This includes back-up plans such borrowing money / government assistance ‘if it all goes wrong’ – which it ‘will’ if you decide these are also tubes you can access ‘if you need to.’ Because in this society these are easier paths than solely living off our dreams.

It takes some trust and determination, but I guess thats where the wonderful quote about the ‘magic happening outside your comfort zone’ comes in …

The universe wants to deliver all of what you wish it to, but its amazing how much we get in our own way.

I know one could say I am a day-dreamer regarding this, and I should get real, and what about if you have a family and hungry mouths to feed …etc… but if your priority is to follow what you feel you are here to do in life … then this is a good little visual image to keep in the back of your mind …

I would like to add that I am by no means rolling in cash,  I am still learning to be ok with receiving. You may have found when it doesn’t matter how hard or how much you work, you always seem to feel in a similar financial position / or lack of …this is connected.

What I can say though is I do feel incredibly abundanant, and what I may not always be ready to receive in monetary currency, I find it through a means I am ok to receive it in, either way I am very grateful for my lifestyle.

One last important thing … It may not happen over night, you may need to spend some time building those tubes / honing those skills/ enterprises / dreams – before they are ready to be used. For sure diving straight in there, they will have no choice but to get in working order quicker than you could have imaged.

 But if you you want a slightly less daunting ride just start somewhere – but do ensure you use them.

Ps – Patience, gratitude and Intuition are your friends on this journey, enjoy the ride :)”



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