Insight Beyond the Canvas

September 10, 2015


Izzy Ivy

Normally one to shy away from words, resonating much more with visual ways of communication,  I was asked to explain a particular image, in case anyone wondered what was going on in my head / why I do what I do, here is a snap shot based on this Image “DragonFly Dreaming.”

I go through phases of getting “downloads” earlier this year I had one that explained so much mind expanding (exploding!) information that would normally be completely unfathomable to me, yet during the experience I understood it perfectly, I recall it was about the multilayering of all the many overlaying of dimensions and detailed information of why and what this is all about. Regarding different states of being/experiencing, including the exploration of past, present and future a deeper understanding also how it relates to what it means to be fulling present and fully “here” (It was relating to the fact I was ‘disappearing’ quite a lot at the time).

I cant actually put it in to words, once out side this experience I was back to normal human brain functioning ! I feel the information was absorbed but not intellectualised – One notable thing however was that I was like “Why am I experiencing this” where is this coming from ?? … my questions was answered by a reminder that a few weeks earlier I had received a more visual/feeling based download where I felt complex hexagonal-like geometry moving through me, down from the top of my head down to my feet, feeling fully energised and buzzing, it was an exhilarating, uplifting experience but I didn’t think too much more of it. … so apparently this full power information that was coming to me was as a result from that ‘activation’

… I do live painting, and the next time I put paintbrush to canvas the information came through in the energy of the piece, the colours, shapes and overall feeling. I have been asked to create the artwork for some Flower of life Oracle cards, and thus added some more well known geometries, but the way they have become distorted with all the fun I had multilayering it – I was actually amazed that it looks even more like the activation experience I had … so I felt completed to share it here … there we go

 So just to add – I would say the *message behind the image is clarity*, the ability to experience necessary information that has become clouded in this 3D density, in order to help us navigate this reality as best we can