‘Remembering Infinite Spirit’


Energetic meaning : 

This completes the last of the series of five special paintings depicting different multi-dimensional guardians of earth. For the final piece I felt to honor the human and the incredible limitless capacity we have access to with our Infinite Spirit.

It started from a flicker of inspiration around depicting what it is like to give, receive or activate a healing session. It evolved in to a being having an out of body experience, then as painting came to life it expressed possible timelines of past and future, physical and etheric.

The guardians at the bottom protect the human whilst she is in this deep state, along with the four earthly elements.

The cleansing light rains down from the inner temple, emanating alignment with Devine spirit.

This creation was also connected to my inner desire to feel a greater sense of freedom. On the final day of completion, I was shown it is paradoxically through surrender.

When inner turmoil of fighting and hitting up against that which cannot be, is calmed through a moment of Surender, here we have greater inner expansiveness and can start to navigate ourselves from a different place. I was given the words ‘the new paradigm cannot be reached through fighting, surely you know that…’

At the moment of having this realization I watched a small bee constantly flying against the glass with the idea that if she does this enough, she will be able to somehow free herself, and yet if she could reorient herself, she would see the vast open veranda less than half a meter away…

By surrender this is by no means giving up, it is dropping the inner conflict, the part of you that is in reaction mode, so you can have all your faculties available in a calm and clear manner. It is in this vibration of inner peace that we may access our qualities, skills and abilities beyond the glass ceiling of what our mind has deemed to be our capacity.

This is a reminder of our limitless spirit as we stretch our wings and rewrite the story …

This image is very much what it feels like to have a ‘download’ as I call them, washes of blissful information where my art and writing is powered from.


It is in these moments one realizes that they have infinite access to which information shared that is way beyond the regular ‘humaning’ capacity, some might call it the Akash, others all time and space that is happening simultaneously, all know is that I am consistently blown away with the intensity of information, way beyond my perceived intellect.

Original Painting is AVAILABLE 


Stretched Canvas Prints

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Ready to hang, these Stretched Canvas prints come in three sizes and have a very similar effect to an original artworks. see examples on the left (black sides, 3cm deep). Lead-time: 7 working days.


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High impact and affordable for their large size, These vibrant fabric tapestries are durable pieces of art that can be taken to festivals, add a high vibing feature to your home or even be taken traveling for a sense of solace where ever you go.


Giclee Paper prints :

High quality signed paper prints . Reinforced and protected. 35x25cm



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