‘Crystal Codes’ – canvas & paper prints


Energetic meaning : 

Lemurian quartz crystals are special pieces of clear quartz with indented ridges running across them. They are known as seed crystals because individual specimens are said to be found buried in sand and earth rather than attached to a larger cluster the way most crystals are discovered. Aware of their oncoming destruction, the Lemurians imbued information about how to avoid a similar catastrophe on crystals and buried them. The ridges on the crystals are believed to be Lemurian inscriptions. These crystals are reappearing now as this knowledge is again relevant.

This card is about deciphering wisdom codes. We may wonder how information regarding our spiritual growth is available to us as we navigate our everyday reality. This wisdom comes through inner paradoxes, when we are truly present, when we are awed, in creative flow or allowing. It may come as riddles and in the most unlikely places. Zen Buddhism taps into this using koans, paradoxical statements the mind cannot fathom, so traditional understanding can be bypassed for spiritual epiphany and deeper knowledge of the soul.

I have also found that key wisdom codes can come to us when we are triggered. They are accessible in those moments when everything suddenly becomes more emotionally dramatic or painful than it needs to be. Here, when light shines on our shadow, we are gifted significant insight into places we can grow and evolve from, although it might take courage and a healthy dose of self-awareness to embrace the wisdom of those moments. It’s amazing how much energy, freedom and expansion comes as a result of deciphering these bubbles of information, tailored especially for us. Sometimes insight is so perfectly constructed within a scenario that it gets right into our most tender spots for the most perfect healing.

These are potent codes as all personal power struggles and ego problems affect the bigger picture of how the world operates. Our shadows are unresolved wisdom codes. Avoidance makes them spiral out to aid in the construction of a world we don’t actually want … individually but also collectively. When we see this information as the gift that it is, we can cultivate presence and begin to see between the lines of your inner workings. The world needs as much light as possible so we do not have a repeat of what happened in Lemuria. Let’s allow ourselves to see our shadows as an opportunity to bring more light into our being and heal the world from these dark foundations.

Original Painting : AVAILABLE  (in Australia)


Stretched Canvas Prints

(Small/ Medium/large. sizes below):

Ready to hang, these Stretched Canvas prints come in three sizes and have a very similar effect to an original artworks. see examples on the left (black sides, 3cm deep). Lead-time: 7 working days.


Giclee Paper prints (one size 42x30cm) :

High quality signed paper prints . Reinforced and protected. These are standard A3 size for easy framing.

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