‘Dimensional Shifts of the Crystalline’ – canvas & paper prints


Energetic meaning : 

This painting represents the element of air, it is the transmission of information, wishes and sending prayers out to the universe. This transmission emphasises  balance of solid and etheric, yin and yang, masculine and feminine  harmonised. The is a frequency for manifesting projects dreams and  visions in to reality. There are the structure elements, the linear masculine forward direction for the actioning in place but there is also enough speciousness for the butterflies, opportunities and openness to flow though. When we choose to be proactive in the reality we wish to see there is the idea of ‘so above as below’, the grounded action equality with the ideas and inspiration.

The platonic solids also express the multidimensional aspects of our reality and speak of evolution and expansion. When balance reigns (and by masculine and feminine we are simply talking about the energies) then this is where we can move forward as the coalescence of of duality and ascension are closely related.


Stretched Canvas Prints

(Small/ Medium/large. sizes below):

Ready to hang, these Stretched Canvas prints come in three sizes and have a very similar effect to an original artworks. see examples on the left (black sides, 3cm deep). Lead-time: 7 working days.


Tapestries (one size below) More Here

High impact and affordable for their large size, These vibrant fabric tapestries are durable pieces of art that can be taken to festivals, add a high vibing feature to your home or even be taken traveling for a sense of solace where ever you go.


For PAPER PRINTS (3 for $70 usd) Click here 


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