Elemental Dragons of the Seven Flames

The Seven Sacred Flames align to 7 attributes or pillars of inspiration we can invoke to bring about divine qualities within ourselves and our lives. They are keys to spiritual mastery.

I first read about the seven flames in Aurelia Louise’s 3rd ‘Telos’ book and was struck with strong call to create friendly, heart-centered, dragon-serpents, magical beings representing portal-ways to the new earth. Through accessible personifications of these energies, we may invite these allies whom are so inspired to help humanity make the leap in to the Golden Age.

These beings also have their essence in nature and depict the foundational aspects of source reality, a reminder that earth and her natural elements hold the codesas our ancient ancestry knew. An expanded parallel to the Four Quarters, each dragon also represents Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Metal, Crystal and plasma,

Notice each dragon has their associated colour of sacred flame in their heart, their heart fire emanating the inspirational frequency of its associated divine spark attribute.

These dragon allies work together with the overarching theme of co-creating harmony – with other, with the world – and where it starts, within ourselves.


1st flame —- Faith, cooperation, fluid direction, protection, the effortless power of coherence.

Water dragon of the royal blue flame – Know as ‘The Will of God’, the grace and perfection of divine synchronic, intentional flow and trust, the greater force of your higher self is with you.

Call upon this dragon when you wish to overcome disharmony, discord or feelings of estrangement. Also call on him in times when energetic protection is needed or access more of your divine inner strength. In moments when you are fighting against a current, consider there might be a more intuitive soul directing flow that wishes to inspire, instead of rigidity and allow the flux and flow of your inner all-powerful divine knowing to lead.

Something that is both greater than you and part of you has ‘got this!’

2nd Flame —- Wisdom and insight.

Air Dragon of the Yellow Flame – Clarity of higher perspective, elevated consciousness and enlightenment of the divine mind. different kinds of Intelligences are also a feature, as it the desire to continue to learn and be a student of life.

 Quote “The more you understand, the more you love; the more you love , the more you understand…”Thich Nhat Hanh.

Call upon this dragon when you wish to obtain more clarity or access deeper wisdoms, you can also call upon her in moments of indecision, confusion or times when fixation over thinking or critical self-talk is present.

3rd Flame —- Love, compassion and forgiveness.

Crystal Dragon of the Rose-pink Flame – Devine unconditional love, A powerful yet tender, transforming, healing, harmonizing love.

Call upon this dragon in moments when cultivating greater compassion is needed, for situations when heartfelt forgiveness is required, and simply when wish to widen or soften your heart, feeling the blissfulness harmonious heart-resonant field of oneness.

4th Flame – Purification and cleansing.

Plasma Dragon of the White Flame – purification physical, mental and spiritual bodies, unifying our human with our divine essence.

Call upon this dragon when you wish to energetically cleanse yourself, your environment or certain circumstances.

Plasma is what the sun and sparkling stars are made up of, throughout the universe, it’s what lights up our world. Created from charged particles, a familiar example of seeing plasma in action is in a lightening during a rain storm. The beautiful Aurora Borealis is also formed from glowing plasma.

5th Flame – Healing energy and abundant prosperity.

Earth Dragon of the Emerald Flame – the balancing and soothing energy of Healing, realigning distortions, it also aligns to divine Abundance, allowing us to receive our birthright access.

Call upon this dragon when you wish to access all types of healing, you can also call on this dragon for themes around abundance and prosperity, use gratitude as a way to call this in by wholeheartedly visualizing it as if it already happened.

6th Flame – Rebirth, evolution, divine power.

Metal Dragon of the Golden Flame – Resurrection and restoration of inherent divinity.

Call upon this dragon when you wish to bust through limiting beliefs and are ready to unfurl in to new evolved life-chapter. it can also be a comforting ally in when one embarks on trauma work.

7th Flame – Transmutation, alchemy, emancipation, moving through limitation.

Lava dragon of the Violet Flame – Freeing us from constraints and guiding towards our greatest potential, the violet flame cuts through anything that is not of the highest good so we may forge forward in the sovereignty of divine power and soul truth.

Call upon this dragon when you need to access greater level of freedom or if there is someone, or something (including yourself) energetically blocking, stifling or draining your light.

Did you know mount Shasta is an active volcano? This Sacred mountain is connected to the Violet flame through the frequency of Saint Germaine.

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