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 Angela:  I am Angela, a model from Sydney, Cronulla Beach and I simply adored Izzy Ivy’s Amulet Bikini’s, they left me feeling totally connected to my spiritual body, I know that Izzy’s paintings and her bikini designs are inspired by Egyptian symbols and mythology.
During the photoshoot at Gunnamatta Bay, Cronulla I felt at ease and as if the Eye of Horus was surrounding me, alleviating all my fears and felt at peace with my body, mind and spirit. I loved wearing each of them and feel so hypnotised by Izzy’s creativity. The eye of Horus is believed to give you the ability to connect to your Third Eye. When you are connected to your Third Eye, you feel the energy around you or in the environment surrounding you more easily, for instance the beach, reserves or from people around you. I believe Izzy’s bikinis could help any Goddess wanting to feel more in touch with their intuition and empathetic to the world that surrounds them not to mention look beautiful too.