‘Integration – Codes of Atlantis’


Energetic meaning : 

Curious to work with Atlantean energies as a part of a series I’m doing, this what came through …A moment representing ‘the fall,’ which seems quite prevalent in the realms of humanity right now.

The relatable essence of this piece is the term ‘I am loved.’
I often refer to those moments we may all be familiar with when we get triggered and loose sight of everything, as being ‘tidal waved.’
These moments where we are re-living past trauma through the mental projection of assumption and subconscious patterning, that in essence, when we peal back the layers, these reactions all come down to feeling that we are in some way thinking we are being shown that we are not loved.
It is in these moments that often our surroundings, especially the people in it, may confirm this, with our triggered behavior further consolidating this projection through their reactions to it. Yet what if we remembered we were loved, no matter what, and we could generate that within ourselves by diving in rather than running away to locate and disengage the outdated association.
What if rather than fighting the waves and getting smashed by them, struggling to keep our heads above water and maintain some kind of control.
What if we dived under the wave, facing the the thing we fear, moving it in to it but in to the very depths of it? This is the place of transmutation. The place where all the golden ‘ascension codes’ can be received, when we can go there.
Collective trauma is one of the key issues that is effecting our outer reality and in turn our beautiful planet by the ends people go to avoid their internal turmoil. When we work with the parts that we do have direct access to (ourselves) there is effect on the macro. What would happen if the collective stopped making decisions based on avoidance, validation or addiction and they were made through following their hearts, had clarity of mind and energy and could see the bigger picture of their actions …?
This piece also came about through my first experiences diving this year, being inspired by the unimaginably vast array of life under the oceans.

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