Original painting by Izzy Ivy (2018) Acrylic on Canvas

Inspired by the energetic realms, and anchoring light and magick on canvas !

Framed and ready to hang, 65 x 50cm

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“Rainbow light surrounds you, a full spectrum activation that allows a great expansiveness of your spirit, busting you out of any restrictive patterns. Light tendrils of your energy field reach and stretch out, taking more space and sighing a sense of relief as your energy can flow and circulate with free fluid momentum. You feel a bright light move through you, an activation to remind you, you are worthy and you can take up whatever space you need in order to stretch your wide shimmering wings, Allowing the light of the universe to flow through you, shining as the jewel you are.”

This image is a part of the new upcoming deck ‘Unveiling the Golden Age.’