‘Initiation’ – canvas and paper prints


Energetic meaning : 

Oneness, collective consciousness, anchoring transmissions from the higher realms, sacred Earth knowledge, integration of the Divine, working with grid lines.

You are standing at a gateway into the unknown with trust in your heart, ancient remembering in your soul, and inner illumination to light the way. You have access to the seat of creation, the spark of existence, and the codes that hold the blueprints of who and what we are. This place is clear and grounded, despite moving through multidimensional realms and able to bridge worlds whilst functioning in physical reality. The higher you reach for the Divine and the realms of Spirit, the more important it is to anchor deeply to the Earth.


Stretched Canvas Prints

(Small/ Medium/large. sizes below):

Ready to hang, these Stretched Canvas prints come in three sizes and have a very similar effect to an original artworks. see examples on the left (black sides, 3cm deep). Lead-time: 7 working days.


Giclee Paper prints (one size 42x30cm) :

High quality signed paper prints . Reinforced and protected. These are standard A3 size for easy framing.

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