Energetic meaning : 

This image is part of a triptych depicting Egyptian Goddesses’ in the form of mermaids. This one is Hathor.

The notion of the ‘Quintessence of Kemet’ relates to the golden age of this time (Kemet was the ancient name for Egypt). This was during the Diamond age of Atlantis. A time many thousands of years before the fall, this was when highest, crystal-clear frequencies reigned, a time when the the jump between these beings wasn’t so different from their original Star origins, they were harmoniously in sync with nature and working with organic technology, the bio magnetic field and their abilities of telepathy and super natural powers that simply came from access to higher frequencies.

The idea of having these potent goddesses depicted as mermaids is that by transforming in to aquatic beings their wisdom of this crystal innocent times could live on, surviving the great flood and the fall of Atlantis. Their codes held in the oceans and the rivers and the particles of this sacred life force – water.

the paintings were inspired by the harmonious balance of both masculine and feminine energy, structure and flow, architecture and flowers, lines and curves.

There is much that could be shared about these paintings including the flower codes and it’s connection with ancient organic technology of the poles. However I invite you to glean your understanding what these messages wish to share with you.

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