Paper Print names – Dikha

(A) Awakened Awareness
(B) Sovereign Cohesion
(C) Loving Compassion
(D) Illumination of the great central
(E) Full Spectrum
(F) Ecstatic Synergy
(G) Windows of perception
(H) Amarylus
(K) Nurture Nature
(L) The Overflow
(M) Solerus Sublime
(O) Liquid Resonance
(P) celestial tree
(Q) Dimensional shifts
(R) Naga of the Golden
(S) Phoenix of the white Fire
(T) Codes of Atlantis
(U) Lemuria rising
(V) The infinate limitless
(W) Unveiling the Golden Age
(Z1) Harmonic Flight
(Z2) Furred And feathered
(Z3) New paradigm
(Z4) Hathors Dream
(Z5) A star is born
(Z6) Diamond in the Lotus
(Z7) Light Language
(Z8) New Earth Transmission
(Z9) Home
(Z10) Sedona Vortex
(Z11) Transformation
(Z12) Inner Spiral
(Z13) Quetzalcoatl’s Reflection