Geometric Field Activation Healing

Anchoring your own light codes and healing language, energy work for a transforming paradigm.

Accessing limitless life force vitality and inter-dimentional energetic information we hold within.

This one day course is for discovering your own intuitive way of channeling life force energy through hands on healing and activations. It helps in increasing your psychic sensitivities. There is guidance of learning how to get out of your own way, and wisdom shared about the energetic and multi-dimensional element of our body’s system and how this connects at root cause to every area of our life.

3 sets of one day Courses.

Izzy has been experiencing luminescent, geometric, octahedron interwoven shapes moving thorough her body for many years now, the journey is deeply blissful, centring and healing with a deep sense of radiance, reset and clary. A large amount psychic of information also often comes through with a buzzing throughout the body a pleasurable intensity in the pineal and fizzing in the hands. Beautiful psychedelic imagery unfolds behind the eyes in unimaginable colours. She has been guided by a range of intuitive downloads to create a modliatilty consisting of combining a modular system to awaken this ability so that others can experience this incredible phenomenon.

Izzy has been practicing Reiki and a range of other modalities for the last 12 years she is also a certified Reiki teacher.

About :

The day is filled with a combination of wisdom about the energetic system, attunements delivered by Izzy, these combine channelled symbols, your own unique symbols and intentions you will create. There will be practical elements and guided meditations, all is held in a held in a high vibration ceremonial space, to aid with clearest communication to our higher selves.

Emphasis is on your own healing language and intuition, discovering what feels most true to you. Including setting up your own gateway mantra and channeling your own symbols, with the guidance, space holding and atunements to help with this process. Language is colour, the chakra centres are the navigation system and the symbols are the tools, as well as intuitive hand gestures, physical and etheric body touch and the option for sound toning.

More Info :

The geometric fields we connect with are in essence the gateway to connecting with chi / vitality / god force /devine energy that can then flow through our hands. It is as if the golden glowing stands of the geometry around our bodies are portals to the  ‘Highest Light’. (heaven / galactic centre / 7th plane). This focused energy is directed with unconditional love, heart centred and is beyond the mind.

The field activations are always available to us but it is through raising our vibrations through flow state –  guided mediations, binaural music and creating Art, that we can tune in to the frequencies of healing dimensions that are here but more like an overlay. In essence beyond the physical realm but excising in the same space simultaneously. These places are where Izzy creates her art from, allowing energetic information to be held in the brush stokes, allowing universal communication and remembering, similarly to the way symbols and codes are used in this practice.

As well as our own flow and intuition, we set up the space and intention with channelled light symbols (gifted to Izzy on Mt shasta and during the activation of her Oracle Card deck ‘Beyond Lemuria’). Allowing intention to be set without words, for amplification on certain areas and to set up the portal space linking us to the hight realms for these transmissions to come through. The symbols help to harmonise the areas of the energetic body as and where it is needed.

The symbols :

10 chakra symbols including the high heart, soul start and earth star. *note these are not sanskrit symbols, these are light language codes that resonate with the main energy system on the body. Using universal energetic language holds many overlays of anchored wisdom.

Key portal symbol – for opening and closing the space. (hand gesture).

5 of your own unique symbols (one for each of the topics covered across the 3 courses) :

  • Self Healing
  • Healing Others
  • Healing Earth grid lines
  • Distance Healing
  • Shadow Clearing

Courses :

Level 1 – Theme : Multi-dimensional Energetics and Self healing

<< Introduction to the energetic system of the body and how this modality works, where we channel the energetic information from.

<< Guided journey to find your own unique symbol for self healing.

<< Create your symbol in the physical.

<< Attunements – Integrate the symbols and activate deeper, clearer connection with life force healing energy from the Highest Light. We all have innate healing abilities, but to draw this directing from source rather than depleting our own energy is much more sustainable and actually energises us.

<< Guidance on how to do a self healing, hand positions and discovering your own healing language.

<< Create your own mantra.

<< Give yourself a healing. — 21 days practice >> Do a 10 minute self healing every day for symbol integration and allowing the growth with grace and ease.

  • Work with the Root, Sacral, Solar plexus and Heart Chakra Codes for finding home within ourselves, thriving over surviving, self love and empowerment.

level 2

  • Healing Others
  • Healing Earth grid lines
  • Work with the High Heart, Throat and Third-eye Chakra Codes for compassion, unconditional love, creative communication, intuitive gifts, psychic abilities, going beyond the mind.

…coming soon

Level 3

  • Distance Healing
  • Shadow Clearing
  • Work with the Crown, Soul Star and Earth Star Chakra Codes

…coming soon

One of the key elements we will integrate is learning how to get out of our own way and how to raise our vibration outside of the held space. The mind has a limited capacity, when we drop in to our Devine channel the unfathomable becomes unveiled. Beyond thoughts and words, symbols and sounds, colours and feelings are our universal tool kit, the perfect language to speak to our energetic bodies, our eternal blueprint and the collective consciousness.