Examples of the ‘Beyond Lemuria’ Oracle

Crystal Keys

Hidden wisdom codes, potent information, Lemurian seed crystals, seeing your triggers as a gift, awareness of drama-creating patterns, healing the earth through looking at one’s inner environment, healing through awareness.

Lemurian quartz crystals are special pieces of clear quartz with indented ridges running across them. They are known as seed crystals because individual specimens are said to be found buried in sand and earth rather than attached to a larger cluster the way most crystals are discovered. Aware of their oncoming destruction, the Lemurians imbued information about how to avoid a similar catastrophe on crystals and buried them. The ridges on the crystals are believed to be Lemurian inscriptions.

These crystals are reappearing now as this knowledge is again relevant.

This card is about deciphering wisdom codes. We may wonder how information regarding our spiritual growth is available to us as we navigate our everyday reality. This wisdom comes through inner paradoxes, when we are truly present, when we are awed, in creative flow or allowing. It may come as riddles and in the most unlikely places. Zen Buddhism taps into this using koans, paradoxical statements the mind cannot fathom, so traditional understanding can be bypassed for spiritual epiphany and deeper knowledge of the soul.

I have also found that key wisdom codes can come to us when we are triggered. They are accessible in those moments when everything suddenly becomes more emotionally dramatic or painful than it needs to be. Here, when light shines on our shadow, we are gifted significant insight into places we can grow and evolve from, although it might take courage and a healthy dose of self-awareness to embrace the wisdom of those moments. It’s amazing how much energy, freedom and expansion comes as a result of deciphering these bubbles of information, tailored especially for us. Sometimes insight is so perfectly constructed within a scenario that it gets right into our most tender spots for the most perfect healing.

These are potent codes as all personal power struggles and ego problems affect the bigger picture of how the world operates. Our shadows are unresolved wisdom codes. Avoidance makes them spiral out to aid in the construction of a world we don’t actually want … individually but also collectively. When we see this information as the gift that it is, we can cultivate presence and begin to see between the lines of your inner workings. The world needs as much light as possible so we do not have a repeat of what happened in Lemuria. Let’s allow ourselves to see our shadows as an opportunity to bring more light into our being and heal the world from these dark foundations.

Divinatory Meaning

Be inspired to find the wisdom hidden in those times when you feel triggered. There is so much information within our raw and intense reactions, when you choose to be present with what is really coming up, and when you peel back the layers, great spiritual insight will unveil itself in a way that is uniquely tailored for you.

If we could all learn to see our triggers, so much confrontation and upset could be reduced, power struggles and fear would diminish, and we would see greater compassion across the planet. Perspective and misunderstanding would shift, and we could experience life the way people want to be loved, without distortion. These are the seeds for peace on Earth.

The Infinite

Eternal life force, cycles of growth,  rising from the ashes, mini deaths and rebirths within one’s life, we are so much more than our physical body.

It is said the beings in Lemuria lived for many hundreds of years. As they were only partially incarnated, their bodies were much lighter, less physically actualised and less affected by ageing. They were also aware of their infinite nature. The Lemurians were multidimensional beings and regularly traversed realms other than the physical, including the places before and after their ‘death.’

As we become aware that we are so much more than our physical bodies, we may experience a sense of the eternal. Thus fear around death gives way to recognising new beginnings, we remember what is real, and focus on what we wish for this life. Whatever we believe will happen when our body goes back to the Earth, we can live to the fullest while we are here, in this incarnation.

You may feel like you have led many different lives and expressed different faces to the world. We can experience many mini-deaths and re-births as we allow outdated parts of ourselves to fall away. When we choose to align our lives with our spirit, we may find we experience more of these mini-deaths. They can be daunting but are fast tracking our growth to prepare us for the shining new chapter that beckons.

Divinatory Meaning

This is a card of rebirth. It can appear after challenges that have required a level of surrender. You have arrived at a beginning. Revel in your newfound inner freedom. Blockages have fallen away, doors are opening, and there are new opportunities to step into. Stretch your wings and see how far they can reach. Rise from the ashes, like a phoenix, born anew ready for a new cycle of growth. Celebrate, honour the road that brought you here, and prepare to take flight with the tools you have gathered through your elevation process.

Endless Opportunities

Decision-making, choice, crossroads, unrealised opportunities, taking the path of least

resistance, heart over mind, direction, focused energy, the high road or the low road.

Decisions, decisions, options and opportunities. It’s wonderful that we have the freedom to choose. But, why can times of indecision be so hard and almost suffocating? The more we use our minds to battle the pros and cons, the more we move out of our hearts. So often best way forward is to step back, do what it takes to get out of your head and into your body so your ‘gut feeling’ can guide the way.

When making a choice, you may consider anything that doesn’t feel like a total yes as a total no. Perhaps none of the apparent options are right? Or, any choice could be the right one, if you wholeheartedly pick a direction and give it your best shot. When faced with decision, check in on where your integrity lies. Peel back the layers to see where you are making your decisions from. Is it out of fear-based survival? Or are you choosing from a place of love?

A choice founded in love can make you feel light, excited, passionate and give you butterflies. It might be a little scary, but in a good way. It might not make sense to your mind. It may seem out of your comfort zone or undermine logic. The low road can look like the safest, easiest path. It may avoid or lessen immediate pain and confrontation, but it will be long, winding and exhausting. The high road might look perturbing, but it will cut through old stories, directly to the heart for growth and transformation.

When you choose to boldly step forward, even if it takes courage, you will discover a place of trust. Rather than staying small, hiding or running away you will expand and open yourself to growth. This is where magic happens and synchronicities you could never have imagined land in your lap. But first you have to take a step in the unknown and let your heart guide you.

What if everything you wanted was right there in front of you? It takes courage to choose it. Make the important decision to let go of outdated limitations. What could be the worst that happens? Reach for what you want and know it is closer than you realise.

Divinatory Meaning

You have options and opportunities you may not have realised. The Universe wants to give you what you want. It’s all there, you just need to reach out and wholeheartedly choose it. All the time you are sitting on the fence, your experiences will be diluted or confusing. We live in a time where we have choices. Sometimes reason and limitation direct are choices and we feel unfulfilled as a result. Choose life from a place of heart, compassion, and integrity and you can’t go wrong.

Full Spectrum

Creating heaven on earth by honouring the perfection of nature’s cycles, going beyond the judgement of good and bad, the merging of duality, raw nature, earth wisdom, connecting to our ancestors, overcoming shadows as the fertile soil for exponential growth, the way forward is in the whisperings of the land, honouring the full spectrum of life.

What does heaven on earth look like to you? Do you imagine lush green nature, ancient forests, pristine beaches, crystalline water systems and all the planet’s residents in full health and living in harmony with each other? And yet, nature in its purest rawest form is a balance of life and death, growth and decomposition, the eaters and the eaten — in one way or another, this is the natural flux of life.

We already live in Eden, but our efforts to own and segregate bring us further away from this paradigm. Power trips, a need to feel an imagined security, fear or avoidance of the shadow, keep us out of our freedom. The need to preserve and hold on tightly, only stunts our growth and leaves us drowning in a sea of plastic. The real disease on Earth, the barrier to Eden, is in our minds. Life happens, but it is our perception of good and bad and our black and white judgements that prevent us from seeing the grander truth. When duality becomes one, we will find Shamballa before us. Perhaps we can find inspiration from nature and the animal kingdom.

Does the tiny frog spend its days anxious over its vulnerable future? What happens when we realise fertile compost greets us when we allow ourselves to transmute our pain? When we honour all that came before, our roots are nourished, and we grow with more vitality, vibrancy and life-force. We can anchor more light for the collective, and in turn, seed new growth.

What happens when we realise the keys to our future are in the wisdom of the earth and the dreamings of the indigenous? That the answers are in the geometry of the macro and microcosm, the nurturing embrace of oneness, in Mama Nature’s arms? What happens when we find peace within the full spectrum of life?

Even the notion of separation, this disease, can be symbolised as no more than a blackened leaf on a healthy tree. The ebb and flow of our evolution and devolution is a temporary blip in the universe. The message is to be what we can, to ground heaven on earth, but not out of fear. We often try to avoid or run from ‘negative’ situations, but when fear steers our decisions and actions far more devastation can result. When we choose to let our hearts lead us away from stories and outdated patterns, our challenges become the fertile compost that feeds our ascending tendrils as they reach to the heavens and ground its light back on Earth.

Divinatory Meaning

Step out of the black-and-white mentality of judgement. Go beyond the concepts of good and bad. This card invites you to honour the full spectrum of life and find a new way of perceiving your situation. When we judge something, we create a story around it. These stories often create limitation. Subconsciously, we gather so many of these stories over a lifetime. To heal our dis-ease and crystallise the new way, we need to create a space of no story where miraculous healing can happen. This space empowers us to be all we are and allows us to know truth. Embrace the full spectrum of creation in all her colours, and the raw, muddy, earthbound shadow parts of a situation, to determine whether they are actually bad or the stories you have held onto are limiting your perspective.


Manifestation, sowing the seeds of your dreams, as above so below, creating your reality, trusting what you desire is already happening, magic making, pollinating your wishes.

You can decide how you want to live. The universe is in full support of you choosing to step into the optimal version of yourself. Dream big, then dream even bigger. This is a great time to start the projects you have been considering.

All it talks is some pollination, so as above as bellow as we say in the realms of making magic happen. Start planting your dream seeds, and nourish the soil you’re your enthusiasm for what can and will be. Feel your dream in its entirely, as if it’s is already happening and then let it go.

Let all sense of control or direction go – do not try to manage it. Feel how beautiful your dream’s fruition will be, but then leave it alone to flourish as it will. Any sense of desperation or neediness will only falter its progress. Although the lessons gained as a result of this will bring growth, depending on what you are ready for.

Germinate your dream seeds in present tense with positive terminology. Rather than thinking in terms of what you don’t want, focus on what you do want as if you already have it as the subconscious will hear the key words and bring more of this.

Be creative with your dream visioning. Create symbols from the letters that make up your wish sentence. Incorporate the natural elements that resonate with your manifestation such as fire or earth. Find meaningful symbols that align with your desired outcome and add a rush of energy and charge it with an intention for the greatest good. In meditation, send them off into the heart space of the Aether. Meanwhile, turn the physical soil in real time, do the necessary preparation and relax into the knowledge that with your intention, this is enough.

Divinatory Meaning

This card encourages you to dream big. It comes as a reminder that you can choose how you want your life to go. You can manifest all you wish to create or let go of. It’s time to sow the seeds of the reality you want to see. In magical practice there is a saying, “As above, so below.” Work with this principle through affirmative thinking and higher intention. Then, anchor or ground your dream seeds. Manifest from the heart, overcome fear, take strong positive action, and let go the outcome. Know and trust your dreams are already on their way and expect to see results.

Example of one of the 7 Elemental Cards :

Aether: The Seamless Unspeakable

Zero point, the void, blank canvas, threshold, anything is possible, time to choose what you want to bring into your life, endless possibilities, limitlessness, dream big, paradox.

This illuminated space of no distraction and pure potential is beyond the threshold. It is the silent, meditative moment out of time, the considered dropped-in place beyond the hustle of the mind and outside world. It is where all dreams are birthed and it is the light we may fear to be darkness when, just for one moment, everything ceases to exist. This is the place between worlds, the womb before we incarnate, and from here, we can choose where we go. The land has been tilled in readiness for the flowers we wish to seed, outdated doors have been closed and in the space between the breaths, we open the new ones. This is the place where nothing begins, nothing ends, and it can never be put into words.

What may be perceived as the endless, black nothingness is actually the illuminated eternal – the core that all our fears may be peeled back to. When we step though the darkness, we realise it is only a short distance away from the white void at the centre of creation and Heaven. Herein lies the feeling that we may have been striving our whole life to meet and yet simultaneously, subconsciously, running from. In this place of graceful surrender, we may know we are held and allow ourselves the spaciousness to drop deeper into the experience of our existence.

Themes: Too elusive and mysterious to define, a knowing without words, the spaces in between, lifeforce energy.

Example of one of the 10 Chakra Cards :

Root Chakra: Ground and Centre

Foundations, grounding, basic needs, survival, physical identity, responsibilities, the place where we build our lives, time in nature.

This image speaks of finding home within yourself, a sense of deep inner peace and a strong sense of grounding and being centred. Here, you can fly free from the grips of survival into a place of thriving. There is trust, connection to community, and you can rely on others and joyfully understand your responsibilities in turn. You are held and have strong foundations for all aspects of life. With your guard down, you have the tools to ride the waves if you need. Everything is okay.

Restore: Spend time in nature. Sit or stand barefoot in nature and feel your roots merging with the earth beneath you. Consider your founding beliefs. If they no longer serve you, it may be time to reconsider your priorities or the foundations you live your life by. Be aware of any recurring patterns that may be holding you back.

Themes: Home, foundations, physical bases and responsibility.

Healing Position: Base of the spine, groin.

Colour wash: Red.