Beyond Lemuria :  Oracle Guidance  from an Ancient Future  –  By Izzy Ivy

Copyright Izzy Ivy

Paradigm Shift

Embrace a new heart-centred way of being

Follow your Bliss

Find inner freedom in allowing your soul’s calling to shine

Reclaim your Energy

Return all of your power back to hear-now presence.

Full empowerment by being in the moment and as a sovereign being. Awareness of unhealthy attachments or situations and people that drain us energetically.  (including worry and anxiety, which takes us in to the unrealistic constructs of future or past).

Harmonic Flight

If we fly in harmony we can soar to the stars.

See your divinity reflected in the eyes of others.

Freedom through Awareness

Expanding our awareness for a clarity beyond limitation

Communication  Co-creation

Language that speaks beyond words

Collective consciousness / community /  Doing rather than saying / Speaking with your heart / Telepathy


Let go and allow the opportunities to be received

Crystal Codes

Relevant key-codes from a forgotten past

*Explain about Lemurian Seed Crystals. The idea of a seed or essence of an idea crystallised in a physical form.

Sharing inspirations in creative, unusual and accessible ways.

Portal Keeper

Gently unfurl the guarded parts of your self

Lumin Essence

The song in your heart is the essence of your light

A True light bringer will illuminate the shadows. ‘Light in the darkness.’

Realm Bridger

Anchor pioneering ideas and new visions in the physical realm

The Violet Flame

Remember your intuitive navigation tools, find those which work for you.


Times of challenge can inspire deep growth

Our Ancient Future

The transition to Atlantis

Just like the fall of Atlantis,  our current Earth is on the brink of another ‘transformation’ due to over zealous power and irresponsibility. Now more than ever the Lemurian knowledge of how we can do it better this time around is most relevant.


Step through the threshold, the only way is forward,

Trying to take old paradigms with you will now only hinder.

Endless Opportunities

There is no right or wrong only opportunity for richer experience.

The Unlimited Self

You are more than you know

When we raise our vibration and start to experience consciousness from a different place, this knowledge may seem somehow separate from us. This is simply our Divine higher self,  yet it is other and all simultaneously.

Balance of Equanimity

Duality in to one-ness

The portal to the New Earth is birthed within our selves through  neutralising our perception of  ‘good’ and ‘bad.’

Our mental understanding of the world is constructed from triggers and judgements, as we drop in to our hearts, these foundations fall away.

One day we will no longer need to have fear as a way to teach us how to be compassionate and conscientous  citizens, when we are in our hearts the answer is always clear.

As we merge dark and light a truer, clearer, elevated reality emerges. A place where freedom and autonomy can reign once again.

Internal Explorer

Transmuting old belief systems and patterns.

Inquiry rather than analysis, releasing stories rather than strengthening them.

High Heart

As we unfurl more deeply in to the light, we access greater variations of what we know love to be.

… The many facets of love.

Include self love + compassion + loving without attachment

Fathom the Unfathomable

Though byspassing the mind, can we experience limitless knowledge beyond what ‘we know’.

Just because we don’t yet understand something, doesn’t mean it is not real.  As you raise your consciousness, a greater expansion of perception becomes available.

The importance of Peace, Silence, and quietening the mind – find your own way for optimising this, as it can be different for everyone.


Align your outer actions with your sovereign beliefs and ethics

Express Your Truth

Flow with the slipstream of purest expression.


The full capacity of our being is awakening,

Accessing our highest potential,

New ways of existing are available.

Access to ancient organic technologies and return of our full DNA structures.

Journey to Wholeness

The story of a Highbrid Lemurian Priestess …

**There is quite an incredible story that goes with my journey of painting this piece.


A time for inner nurturing, hold space for yourself to step through.

Totem Tree

The deeper our roots in the earth the higher we can reach to the sky

Star Seer

Believe in your self, you are already on your way.

Your Higher self has already laid the foundations. What may appear as ‘setbacks’  are all part of the bigger picture of your path.


To reach the farthest realms may we look within.

The portal to the new earth is within our authentic hearts.

Step out of the entangled matrix and realise ‘you are enough’.

Only in surrender may a new truer power unveil, as we walk the path as the gods and goddesses we already are

She of the Lotus

By moving through our deeper shadows, beautiful flowers can bloom

Indigenous Visionaries

Those who breath with the oldest stories of Earth, hold the keys to the future we seek.

Resonance of Attraction

Become a vibratory match for what you wish to bring in to your life.

Trust your Innocence

Follow your intuition by trusting your purest  Inner – Sense


Tend to your garden of dreams of unlimited abundance.

When you can manifest at will, what does a place of no scarcity look like ? …no attachment, our whole system as we know it would be very different.

**Share my Lemurian Vision in relation to this.

Unique Gifts

Celebrate what you can uniquely bring to the world.

Grounded Light

Find creative ways to anchor heaven on earth

blue being

Star Seed Elemental

Maintain a Child-like inquisitiveness

Shine your Light

Keep doing what makes you shine, despite the world around you

geckos, yinyang

Balance in Perspective

Find different ways to look at your reality

Image : Lemurian Nature / glowing flowers / magical unusual looking plants and flowers

Nurture Nature

The one place you will always feel unconditional love and held. How can we return this love ? Environmental awareness / what small things we can do,

… start with our own backyard – plant things. Don’t be overwhelmed with holding all Earth’s problems on your shoulders. Remember the portal to the new earth starts with you, and every small thing helps. its all possible and even even the tiniest thing can start a ripple.

Image : Mount Shaste – channel a painting at this location.

Mount Shasta

There is a lot more out there than what you can see with your eyes, the idea of multi dimensions, reading between the lines.

Feathered and Furred Friends

Respect the other beings we share the earth with, they have just a right to be here as we do, ‘may all beings be happy and free’. / Animal medicine and teachings

Shape Shifting

Letting go of what no longer serves,  awareness of what you wish to maintain and expand on.

Releasing the old, shedding skin, mini death, dark night of the soul, it may seem like you have reached a moment of nothingness/ core of your old patterns. But know there is more light than you can imagine right now on the either side of this.

The Sound of the Universe

Music, Universal language, shiyantra **In progress**

Giving from the Overflow

Give from a pure place, one that is filled with joy and abundance, not from a place of obligation and over compromise. Do what makes you shine and share this goodness effortlessly. there is enough for everyone including you when there is overflow. Burn-out and resentment doesn’t get you anywhere, learn to say no sometimes and be real with what you can do without feeling bad. Remember your centred and shining vibes are far more helpful in the world., from this place there is boundless energy.

Sacred Held Space

Deeper insight into the Lemurians and how their way of life can be inspiring today.

MU // Eclipse

Deeper insight into the Lemurians and how their way of life can be inspiring today.