Connect with the energy directly in the form of an original painting that is a part of award winning, best selling ‘Beyond Lemuria’ Oracle.

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Oil on Canvas, please contact me for interest.

‘Visions of Atlantis’  

50x60cm … Oil on Canvas  (2016)

Gallery Price : US$1111

Energetic meaning : Growth, overcoming challenges, gracefully riding the waves of life, expanding out of a problem, flourishing in the face of change, thriving in new environments, being unperturbed by the crashing waves of life.

‘Harmonic Flight’

2017   …    45x60cm   …    Oil on Wood

This powerful image represents the reflection of the Divine we see when we deeply look into the eyes of another. When all our armor is dropped and we are fully able to meet this other being in present moment, real-time, with no stories, judgements or insecurities.

It is the universal reflection of seeing the person standing person before us as the gods and goddesses they are and thus reminding us we are what we perceive in others. But also dropping into no-mind in pure essence to breathe and see the world through us seeing them, seeing us, seeing them, the infinite eternal, the soft internal and external allowing of what is.

The name ‘Harmonic Flight’, implies that when we can harmonize our energies with that of another – in any form of relationship we can soar to the sky, guiding each other higher and higher encouraging all that has been weighing us down to drop away.

Key Themes: Seeing the Divine in the eyes of another, relationships with deep bonds, karmic connection, clearing illusory projections, life-changing connection, transmuting dissonance, removing heart armor, being ‘seen’, teamwork.

This image is a part of the “Beyond Lemuria” Oracle deck,

Gallery Price : US$1,950

‘Manifestia’ > 30cm x 40cm (4cm depth)

Oil on canvas. US 599

Manifestation, sowing the seeds of your dreams, as above so below, creating your reality, trusting what you desire is already happening, magic making, pollinating your wishes.

‘The Overflow’

Oil on Wood (Framed)

US $5,999

Energetic Meaning : Abundance, non-attachment, the paradigm of no scarcity, allowing our financial and energetic gifts to flow through us to create more.

During one of my most pivotal Lemurian visions, I was guided into a life where I lived in a humble mud hut. As I could create any thought in the multiple dimensions that I had access to, I simultaneously resided in a beautiful crystalline palace. I found myself in a paradigm where I could create anything at will, and thus, there was no concept of scarcity nor the need to hold onto anything. This experience initiated a shift that changed my life. We may only be starting to touch on this notion in our mundane reality. When we give more from a place of overflow than obligation, even when we think we have nothing, having it come from this mindset can only create a more abundant flow of what we want.

The being in the picture has many hands and yet still, the water is allowed to fall through her fingers. It blesses her in the moments it touches her radiant skin and then continues on its journey. Her heart is also overflowing, with love. Her eyes are filled with tears. She allows what comes through to move her, without control. She gracefully allows whatever she is feeling to be expressed and as she does so, she radiates so much light into the word.

Themes: Allowing for flow, receptivity, the path of least resistance, purity, clearing away that which no longer serves, emotion.

‘Solerus Sublime’

Oil on Wood  (Framed)

US $5,999

Energetic Meaning : Duality, creation, kundalini, the rising phoenix, bringing conflict into harmony, intensity, transformation, the incredibleness of being alive, coalescence, infinite energy.

We live in a dualistic world of light and dark, yin and yang, masculine and feminine. Focusing only on light can repress our shadows. Bringing both sides into balance, and being real with our humanness, allows us to reach more joy, authenticity and depth. By accepting and loving all of ourselves as we truly are, we can extend more of this love and have deeper compassion with others.

This painting portrays the balanced dance of creation. The greater the distance of separation, of duality, the greater the density. As the dragons come together, they dissolve into one with all that is. In this place of coalescence, the fusion brings both sides together in oneness, not just as a remerging with the universe, but in an alchemical process of becoming the empowered Creator Force we ourselves truly are.

Themes: Passion, motivation, destruction, power, illumination, determination, inner light, forging forward, transformation.

‘Full Spectrum’

2018   …    100x50cm   …    Oil on Canvas

Gallery Price : US$3,200

Creating heaven on earth by honoring the perfection of nature’s cycles, going beyond the judgement of good and bad, the merging of duality, raw nature, earth wisdom, connecting to our ancestors, overcoming shadows as the fertile soil for exponential growth, the way forward is in the whisperings of the land, celebrating the full spectrum of life.

As we honor what it has taken to gets to who we are today, through challenges, breakthroughs and meeting our edges, we see the blossoms of our evolution flourish from the foundations up to the highest realms of the heavens.

This image is a part of the “Beyond Lemuria” Oracle deck,