Original Art works in Australia

Most of these are the originals illustrations from the Intuitive Child Oracle Deck. Oil on Canvas. (2015)

Worldwide shipping available. Please contact me for interest.

Prices displayed in USD conversions here.

  •  ‘Growth’    
  •  $390 25x40cm
  •  ‘Emanation’ 
  •  $360 25x40cm
  •  ‘Awareness’ 
  •  $350 25x40cm
  •  ‘Responsibilities’ 
  •  $350 25x40cm

‘Ecstatic Harmony’

46 x 46cm  (4cm deep)

Acrylic on canvas

Gallery Price : US $420

Energetic Meaning : Soul Star Chakra: Merging with the Divine

Transcendence, letting go, being filled with divine light, channelling, karmic records, the bridge between the spiritual and the physical realms, ascension.

This image captures the merging of time beyond space and kaleidoscopic wisdom that penetrates our being. We have lived in many worlds. All interconnected, they uphold the lessons they carry as messages of transformation. Their synergy creates the expansion of the Universe. Gaze into the place where the light between our stardust can become anything, and collective evolution is part of a grander story. When we simply let go, we become all that we have been seeking and glimpse the greater dream.

  •  ‘Fun’ 
  •  $350 40×50cm
  •  ‘Embrace’ 
  •  $350 40×50cm
  •  ‘Protection’ 
  •  $330 40×50cm
  •  ‘Reflection’ 
  •  $310 40×50cm

‘Manifestia’ > 30cm x 40cm (4cm depth)

Oil on canvas. US 555

Manifestation, sowing the seeds of your dreams, as above so below, creating your reality, trusting what you desire is already happening, magic making, pollinating your wishes.

‘Dream Codes’ >

65cm x 45cm

 (4cm deep)

Oil on canvas

Gallery Price : US$495

Energetic meaning : 

“Beyond the Mind,” Thinking with the heart, being present, heart and mind connection, getting out of our own way, meditation, the bliss of being, quieting the monkey mind, fathoming the unfathomable, finding happiness within, going beyond intellectual limitation.


50cm x 40cm

Acrylic on canvas

Gallery Price : $350

Fire Priestess

50cm x 40cm

Oil on canvas

Gallery Price : $595

‘I AM’ >

50cm x 40cm  (4cm deep)

Oil on canvas

Gallery Price : $444

Affordable Oil on Canvas Originals – Illustrations from ‘The Intuitive Child Oracle” Deck.

  •  ‘Happiness’ 
  •  $220 25x40cm
  •  ‘Exploration’ 
  •  $290 40×50cm
  •  ‘Sunshine’ 
  •  $290 40×50cm
  •  ‘Laughter’ 
  •  $290 40×50cm
  •  ‘Dreamtime’ 
  •  $230 40x50cm
  •  ‘Friends’ 
  •  $220 40x50cm
  •  ‘Be You’ 
  •  $310 45x65cm
  •  ‘Flow’ 
  •  $230 40×50cm
  •  ‘Soul Script’ 
  •  $220 25x40cm
  •  ‘Creativity’ 
  •  $250 40x50cm
  •  ‘Memories’ 
  •  $190 30x40cm