Original oil painting by Izzy Ivy, 2020. Ready to hang, Ships worldwide. 100cm x 5ocm.

Inspired by the energetic realms, and anchoring light and magick on canvas !

These pieces are also part of an upcoming oracle deck called ‘Unveiling the Golden Age.”

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Meaning :

This painting was part of a series of earth transmissions for the new paradigm, this piece depicts human consciousness having its hearts unlocked, the opening gateway to loving compassion and the knock-on effect this would have. What would happen if our thoughts , actions and ways of being, including how we are with others and our environment, were coming from this place instead of acting out of survival instinct and fear. In the union of these two ascending lovers together they sprinkle the keys down to earth, each one different depending on the most accessible way for humanity to receive this birth right to inner bliss and the Eden we have been waiting for. No matter what waves we must navigate, when we choose love we will be buoyant.

The energy of this image represents love in its purest form, a soul-honoring connection. A relationship where there is electric synergy and a spiritual divinity present, it usually refers to a romantic alignment but it can also represent other connections where there is a beautiful flow of loving compassion. It speaks of duality coming together, unifying wholeness in harmony, accepting the positive and negative, the challenge and opportunity, without judgement.