Original oil painting by Izzy Ivy, 2020. Ready to hang, Ships worldwide. 100cm x 5ocm.

Inspired by the energetic realms, and anchoring light and magick on canvas !

These pieces are also part of an upcoming oracle deck called ‘Unveiling the Golden Age.”

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Meaning :

The energy of this painting is about waking up out of the sleep state so much of the world has been in. To rise up and remember, before it its too late …  Its time to recall the suns that we are, as powerful, embodied, luminescent beings. We are many times more limitless and interconnected that we have been told to believe.

It represents an  up-leveling in your consciousness. Dancing in the devotion of the divine, there are an array of different dimensional vibrations available to us. Even within the spectrum we can access in our human body, choose the slipstream of the highest accessible, the ‘new earth’ is already here, some of us have already made the quantum jump, Our physical may reside in the physical but we no longer entangled in it, aligning to our dharmic life purpose whilst directly or indirectly receiving supportive and nourishing energy we need for our thrivial as the old paradigm falls away, we are barely touched,  holding the light in the darkness for the way forward.

Here you see the current paradigm breaking away, its matrix-like grid, indicating the more synthesised in-organic qualities, tidal waves are it physicalised incarnation.

The being in the picture is opening a portal to the infinite, accessing universal consciousness and as a conduit for this information, he sends a loving stream of awakening on to the planet below. Emanating greater awareness through its presence, his wings outstretched symbolizing freedom and exultation.